Recent Publications

. What game are we playing? End-to-end learning in normal and extensive form games. In IJCAI 2018 main track, 2018.

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. What game are we playing? Differentiably learning games from incomplete observations. In NIPS 2017 Deep RL Symposium, 2017.

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. Gaussian Process Planning with Lipschitz Continuous Reward Functions. In AAAI, 2016.

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I was a teaching instructor for the following courses at Carnegie Mellon University:

  • 08-737 / 08-537: Advances in AI for Social Good


  • 15-857 F17: Analytical Performance Modeling & Design of Computer Systems
  • 10-709 F17: Fundamentals of Learning from the Crowd Term project
  • 15-780 S18: Graduate Artificial Intelligence Term assignment